Baseball in Australia dates back to the 1850’s. Our own club dates back to 1898. The sport has a long proud history in this country with Australia winning a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics.

Baseball is for all ages & sizes and is played by boys and girls. The game features players with skills ranging from speed and athleticism, strength and power, through to great calmness under pressure. It is a multi faceted game of skill and tactics, but overall its great fun and everyone's involved! Your day isn't over in 1 delivery.   

Baseball is also played competitively around the world with the USA being the prime market for the sport.

Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Venezuela, Cuba and Canada also have major baseball leagues and professional teams playing in front of large crowds.

A number of Australians play professionally in the USA and other countries around the world.

Our junior players at Malvern have an opportunity to play on Friday nights and/or Sunday mornings. This allows flexibility for families with other sporting or family committments. We foster inclusion regardless of ability. Young girls compete with boys in our junior teams. We can have up to 15 players in a team at any one time. This ensures that every child who wishes to play is able to. So come to a training session on a Tuesday evening from 5.00pm and we will look after you.

Opportunities in baseball

Baseball offers a unique pathway within Australian sports.

Junior teams can travel the world

Australian boys and girls have opportunities to play in a range of International Series starting at the Under 12 Little League level. The Little League World Series features the Australian Champion Little League Charter competing against teams from all over the World in Williamsport USA. Malvern fields teams competing in the Australian Little League.

Australia also has representative teams for U12, U15 & U18 for boys and girls competing in International tournaments throughout the world.

Local regional representative teams compete in Winter Championships throughout Victoria and State teams compete in National Championships in January throughout Australia


Beyond Junior Baseball


Talented Australian juniors have pursued pathways to professional baseball with US Major League Clubs scouting and signing Australian teens every year. These boys end up in Rookie and Minor leagues across the USA before progressing through A, AA & AAA Baseball and ultimately Major leagues if they are talented enough. In all over 30 Australians have played in the Major leagues.


A number of Australians also choose to play College baseball in the USA. US Colleges can offer scholarships to play baseball while undertaking undergraduate study. Currently a number of Victorian baseballers are in the US College system.