Senior Baseball

Interested in playing senior baseball with Malvern?

Contact us by emailing:

Our Coaches are:
Nic Unland 0412481068
Travis Cutt 0418391005


Fees for the 2018/2019 summer season, now payable directly through Teamapp.

Fees must be paid before the end of October 2018. Speak with Ashley Duckett or Geoff Holland if you have any questions.


Seniors $330

Students playing seniors $250


Baseball Australia & Baseball Victoria fees

Must be payed on SportsTG. Link below is live. These include insurance and registration fees. These must be paid PRIOR to playing. BA & BV Fees $135


Malvern Values:


•  Attend training sessions or make alternate arrangements
•  Maintain fitness
•  Participate actively in training
•  Encourage team mates
•  Stick around to help clear up


•  Be involved in the club
•  Attend Junior games – umpire, support
•  Work in canteen as rostered or offer to help
•  Support club functions
•  Pay your subs
•  Help clean up the rooms and field



•  Arrive ready to play on game day
   1 hour before game time
   Positive, winning attitude
   Supporting team mates
•  Play for the team:
   Chatter on the bench
   Hustle on the field
   Focused on the game
•  Be involved all 9 innings:
   Ready to play your part
   Support team mates all game


•  Playing for the jersey:
   Pride in Malvern
   Respect the club and its history
•  Playing in the right spirit:
   No throwing equipment
   No bad sportsmanship
   Always supporting team mates
•  Playing for your team mates:
   Supporting other Malvern teams on game day